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Beaver design Color

Beaver design B&W, Small

Beaver design B&W

Logo design Self-Assessment

1.Name of your company, a short paragraph describing what your company manufactures/sells and the target audience for the product.
I am the CEO of Animal Chews and we are making healthy snacks that will be appealing to children. Our goal is to make a snack that is very tasteful and something that kids will turn to not only as a treat but also, a snack that parents will want there kids to eat. The idea is that if we have a cute small animal as our logo the kids will be more appealed to it than they would be to a picture or an apple or a banana. On our bags/boxes we will have the beaver and our companies name, “Animal Chews.” We want the kids to think that the small little animals are cool and taste great. So in conclusion our over all goal is to have a great tasting snack that is good for the kids, and also something that the kids think is cool and really appealing to them.

2.Review the processes that Jacob Cass went through in designing his logo and Logo Design Secrets (and any other links that you found especially helpful). What parts of these processes did you use in your work. Please explain and be specific.
A major theme that I used was knowing what the company wanted. Since I am the CEO it was rather easy, yet I also tried to make things appealing to the target ages. This is something that he said was very important, and I drew the beaver because I thought tat that is something that is very important and kids will like.

Overall, what three important concepts have you learned about logo design? Explain why they are important to your future work? The use of colors and there effects on a design. If you use the right colors it can make your design look great, yet when it is put in black and white it may look horrible, so you need to make sure it works in both black and white, and color, which I think mine does. Also another is size, mine works better large yet it also works small. If you have a great design that works great blown up it may not work small. This is because of all the detail you have in the big version may make your design looked cramped and messy. The final one is probably the play with words. You may think my name of the company isn’t that great and appealing but it is supposed to be appealing to kids not adults. So I think that it is a appropriate name that kids will like. So over all I think these will help me make my designs in the future because I will play more with the design and words to make them maybe blend in a little more and be more affective.
Review the criteria and the process of designing a logo, please rate your final logo design, 1-4 (4 is the highest). Please explain why your work deserves the rating.
I would give my self a 4. I worked hard on this piece and I really think it is a eye appealing design. I spent time working on it at home over the last two days and played around with colors and words. Yet I found my self going back to the originals because that is what I thought looked best. I like to believe that the beaver is going to be really appealing to kids and the way that it is set up with not too much stuff but not to little. To me it seems to be a pretty simple design and that is what I like. I like simple designs that get right to the point, and that is what my beaver design portrays. That is why I would give myself a 4.